Sailor’s Home in Hawaii


Last August, I stayed at the Sailor’s Home in Hawaii for a good price. Can anyone tell me are there other places like this across the United States?



Thanks, though it cost more than Honolulu it still looks like a great place.


I just stayed at the sailor’s home. 30 bucks a night for a clean bed, can’t be beat in Honolulu.


It likely costs more because of the amenities but looks a lot cheaper than any Boston hotel, that’s for sure. My question would be how hard is it to get a room there? Sailor’s home in Hono generally always has a vacancy.


Catherder, I have no idea how hard it is to acquire a room at the Boston hotel but I like you assume at certain times of months you may not find a place there. I would like to have a list of hotels that are like the one in Honolulu which I perfect for any Mariner who wants to be by a union hall to ship out.


I don’t know that there are very many, but I’ll keep an eyeball peeled. It’s always great to have such a resource. Was nice to get off the ship in Honolulu (especially since I was losing my stateroom to a relief) and spend a couple days playing tourist.


What is the best inexpensive hotel for seamen in the Seattle area these days?


Anyone stay at the Monterrey Inn in Willmington, CA near the MMP hall lately? I stayed there years ago when it was like 19 dollars a night. I see now its 50 did they make major improvements?


I stayed there about 12 years ago, it was a dump then but a cheap place to crash. Most sailors I know stay at the Inn of Long Beach (350 a week approx) or the Islander Motel on PCH (250 a week approx) Lots of bed bug complaints coming from the Inn.