Seamen’s Hotel in NYC

I know we talked about this a few years ago, but I cannot find it now.

What is the name and contact info of the deeply discounted, but nice hotel in New York for seamen?

It might be dedicated to military, but also open to seamen

Sounds like you might be thinking of the Soldier, Sailor, Marines, Coast Guard, and Airmen Club (SSMAC). Kind of like a YMCA type place with cheap but decent rooms. (212)-683-4353 is the number they show on their FB page. They used to have a real website, but not anymore, it would appear.

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Try Seafarer’s International House. Up near Union Square.

123 East 15th Street

New York, NY 10003



Last I heard that place ran on donations, which it had not been getting and closed down a few years ago just shy of its centennial.

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Seafarers ‘ International House is in “temporary “ quarters on one floor of the Salvation Army facility with 10 beds.

That’s a shame. But it makes sense. I can’t imagine what the property tax alone cost them, to say nothing of operating expenses.

Not what you’re probably looking for, but the Mariner House in Boston is nice, very cheap, and in a great location.

I have stayed at Mariners House in Boston several times.

I’m looking for a decent, affordable place to stay for a couple days in NYC, preferably in Midtown Manhattan.


SSMAC’s phone number has been disconnected. It’s apparently no more.

A recording answers the phone at Seafarer’s International House, but I could not get a person on the line.

The recording describes it as “a Lutheran mission for seafarers and immigrants.”

We stayed in a Airbnb near Journal Square,NJ. The PATH metro gave easy and quick access to The World Trade Centre and 34th Street. Cheaper than Manhattan.

Not with Covid.

I not going to ride the subway now. It’s an unventilated enclosed space. 20% of the people on it will be crazy unvaccinated Covid superspreaders. I

I think NYC has a mask mandate now, but a lot of idiots will be wearing ineffective masks or wearing them pulled down below their nose.

I’ll drive a rental car, park in a garage, and walk to a hotel.

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Good point. Thanks have certainly changed and with borders closed here we haven’t been anywhere for two and a half years.

Masks, and proof of vaccination for indoor restaurants and other indoor public spaces. And yes, there are infected idiots defying the mandates.

Glad to know she’s still relevant.

Or maybe not. Some may view as a desperate attempt to regain it.


In 1985, I was aboard the USCGC Unimak. During summers, it took on cadets from the Coast Guard Academy. They needed more space for cadets, so they wanted somebody to find training somewhere, for that 3-month period. I made arrangements for myself to attend a 3-month Merchant Marine officers preparation school in New York city. It used to be on the corner of Broadway and Wall street, at 50 Broadway.

For that 3 months I stayed at the soldier, sailors, and airman’s hotel. I really liked being right there near 33rd and 3rd, where I could readily walk to many great places. I’m really sad to hear that it has shut down. Last year I tried to take a look at the place through Google Street view. But unfortunately, some big panel truck was blocking the view of the Google car’s camera.

I had joined the Coast Guard after having been in the Navy. This was because the Navy would not let me get off submarines, and I needed surface ship time in order to get a Merchant Marine license. One of the guys who worked at the front desk was a retired submarine sailor, and he also had a permanent room there. I am sure that by now he has passed away.


You can’t quit the sub service?

I had gotten out of the Navy, and went to work on offshore supply vessels and offshore tugs in the Gulf of Mexico. While I was doing that, I decided I wanted a third mate’s license. But I needed to get some surface ship time, because no matter how much submarine time you have, the Coast Guard would only count 90 days of it toward an unlimited license. I had 3 years and 3 months of submarine service to my credit.

I tried going to the SIU union hall in Port Arthur, and the guy told me that I would spend more than a year waiting for my first job, as entry level. That would be more than a year of just sitting at a table in the hiring hall, waiting for something to happen. So, I thought my best chance was to go back into the Navy aboard surface ships, and get the surface ship time I needed that way.

I went to the Navy recruiter in in Baton Rouge, and he was happy to see me. I told him that I wanted to go on surface ships, not back into subs. He told me, the Navy desperately needed sub sailors right then, so that’s where you’re needed, and so that’s where you’re going to go!

I reminded him that you had to volunteer for sub service, and I was not volunteering. But, all he did was repeat what he had previously told me, and did so in a tone of voice as if he were explaining this to some stupid child, who just would not understand. So, I said to him, I guess I’ll just have to go see the Coast Guard, then.

You should have seen the look on his face!

A Coast Guard officer once explained to me his choice to go CG over USN. He said that the Navy trains every day for a mission that the hope they never have to execute. While the Coast Guard is constantly out there executing their missions.

That kind of stuck with me.

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