Job search help: cheap digs in NYC

I know a lot of you guys & gals out there are beating the doors down looking for work, including various Union Halls in NYC metro area.
A number of you out there have asked to crash at my apartment in NYC while job hunting: no can do, hectic with wife & 3 kiddos.

BUT if a mariner ever needs a good CHEAP place to stay in NYC (right in my neighborhood incidentally) go to Seafarers International Hotel; the staff tell me US$50 for a single mariner (bring MMC or documents to prove status). It is very well located in a great neighborhood right near Union Square, Manhattan, & easy to get anywhere in the metro area via public transportation.

Best bet is bus, train, or plane to city; leave car outside city, it’s just an added expense you won’t need.

be sure to PM me and we’ll meet for a cup of coffee & a sea story.<!-- / message -->

I’ll second this - they’ll even let you stash your bag there during the day so that if you get a night mate job, you don’t have to pay for the room or lug your bag around. Quite convenient to the PATH train for those with halls in Jersey City;).

similar “diggs” exist as “seaman’s missions” in most major ports all over the world…have used their services on more than one occassion…in New Orleans and Lake Charles,La…once spent 4 days at one in Douala Cameroon…very nice with very helpful people, an on premises bar, pool and barbecue!!

**a fond memory…much better than the Hotel Ibsis that they put me in later!!

Douala Camaroon Seaman’s Mission !!!
been there. ITS GREAT.
and then there was the time…
hmmmm… best to wait on that one.

Douala Cameroon. Haven’t been to the Seaman’s Mission, but I have spent 5 days at the Merdien waiting on my Nigerian visa. . . .

I’ve stayed at the Seaman’s International House on 15th St as well. Like Richard says, it cheap, clean and close to Union Square subway and Path train stations. Good Irish pub next door too!

Didn’t they recently build a new center over in Newark?

You can always stay in a hostel. There are some very nice ones and the scenery is a lot of nice young women, as opposed to hairy, old dudes!haha