Housing while in school?

Hi mates,

I am applying to go to the workboat mate program in New Orleans this fall. What can I expect to be paying for lodging? I’m looking for the cheapest rout… Providing I can study with no problems. Is a Hostel the cheapest rout and will it be easy to study there??


By the way… I never even heard of a hostel till I got on this forum. This has been a GREAT resource!!! Thank you everyone!!! And thanks MTskier for enlightening me on PMI.

N.O. hostels can be a bit nasty but are alright for a couple nights. There’s some small cheep inns just off St. Charles in the Garden District. You should also look on the local Craig’s List. It seems N.O. accommodations are always gross.

Stay at India House hostel in NOLA. You’ll meet so many interesting people and have the time of your damn life.

Any recommendations for housing in Seattle? Looking for cheap room and kitchen access, 8 weeks at a time.

I used to live at a housing unit on 3rd and Bell st downtown Seattle. It was called Green Gardens, or something like that. It was walking distance to the CG base where my ship was, which is next door to PMI. The rent was weekly and monthly and was 600$. Maybe it’s a bit more than what your looking for.

Craigslist , great resource. That is how I found housing in Seattle. Troll the shared rooms and blanket e mail because mist want leases. Troll until you can find somewhere you can live for the 8 weeks . I made the mistake when going to PMI of renting a place straight through, iI was there less than half the time.