Running out of morgan city?

[B][I]Hello all,been awhile since I been on here,suppose to start a job next week running out of morgan city.I never actually ran out as captain only was in the bridge with captain when we came in or out and that been a lot of years ago,was wondering any tips,I know the river changes alot,was told the vessel has a good chartplotter&radars,and dept finder.was wondering what channel traffic stands by on,names of areas (I do remember the horseshoe which is pretty obvious)thanks for any help.[/I][/B]

[B][U]disclaimer: the following is from memory!![/U][/B]

“berwick traffic” vhf ch 11…Inbound>>EI seabuoy>>EI lighthouse>>lower “dogleg”>>upper “dogleg”>>bottom/top “horseshoe”>>"“crewboat cut”>> entrance Bayou Chene(Avoca Is. cut)>>junction buoy(Bayou Shaffer)>>Fool’s point>>“the 99”(ICW intersection)>>“highlines”>>"20 grand point>>welcome to MORON CITY!!

**suggest you “google” Berwick VTS and download the guide

hope you find this useful…BE SAFE!!

[B][I]thanks for the help seadawg,very greatful![/I][/B]

Why do you guys dislike Morgan City?
I’m quite fond of it, just don’t want to be nearby when a hurricane is approaching.

yeah… morgan city is on my short list of garden spots for retirement…right up there with cameron, intercoastal city, houma, fourchon, and venice…they say it’s all about location…decisions…decisions…what’s a man to do?

Don’t forget about Empire.

so sorry, but freshwater city, dulac, as well as empire just did miss the “cut”.

so sorry, but freshwater city, dulac, and empire didn’t make the “cut”.

Damn, I forgot about Dulac myself! It’s a pretty easy place to forget.


You forgot Cocodrie and Hopedale. . . .

I like running out of MCY. They have potable water, unlike some others you guys have mentioned. The river is nice, interesting, easy.

I’d point out that the suggestion to DL the VTS guide is mandatory. It has all the info you need and you’re required to carry a copy. BUT, the guide says call 15 minutes prior to the first check in point and they don’t want that. Just call when you get to the first check point.

I have run TO MCY for hurricanes before. There’s a ton of good places to hide out there and the march/swamp/forest keeps the wind a little higher off the water level. It’s a great storm port. You can also cruise up the Port Allen Route and get way inland if you decide to run further.

Good luck with it.