RFPEW Limited?

I am working as an oiler on a 650 ton vessel on the Lakes. I can get all of the RFPEW signed off except the Purifier and the oily water separator, as we have none. I have seen on this NMC list,


that these limited options exist,

● [B]Limited to Motor Vessels Only [/B]will be applied to the RFPEW endorsement if the following assessments are not completed on a steam vessel:  1-1B/2  1-1H/2
 1-1I/2  1-1G  3-1D  3-1E  3-1F  3-1G  3-1H
● [B]Limited to Motor Vessels without Distilling Plants [/B]will be applied to the RFPEW endorsement if the following assessment is not completed: 1-1H/1.
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● [B]Limited to Motor Vessels without Waste Heat or Aux. Boilers [/B]will be applied to the RFPEW endorsement if the following assessments are not completed:
 3-1A  3-1B  3-1C  1-1C/1.

Is there no option for people who work on boats without purifiers and separators? Other that taking a class at MAMA, or moving to a new job?

I believe if you change jobs/boats, and are able to complete those asessments they will remove the limited crap. Mine is motor only, no boiler and no employer ive talked to so far has had an issue with it. Yeah MAMA has a class, but 1K for it, when you could get the last little paperwork on your own seems pointless.

I’m limited to vessels with out waste heat or auxiliary boilers, even though I got the boiler assessments signed off on another vessel that had one. But, apparently I also need to get the assessment for a heavy fuel oil purifier signed off in order to get the restriction removed. It’s funny cause my current vessel has two big auxiliary boilers, but that’s not good enough. I really don’t understand why the purifier assessments are needed since I have the boiler assessments signed off. Kinda stupid in my book.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll just go through the motions and see what happens.