RFPEW endorsement

I have my experience as 2nd,3rd,4th engineer for eleven years.Right now I have my USCG license as QMED oiler and J/E.I applied for RFPEW endorsement but
coastguard is denying my application.Is there a way to get this endorsement…need your advce


Did you fill out the packet?
Do you have 180 days sea time on an STCW ship?

Those were the 2 things I had to do to get mine.

How were you working as a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th engineer? I assume you are working in these postitions in name only. On what types of vessels?

In order to get the RFPEW you need a USCG LICENSED 2nd Engineer Unlimited or a Chief Engineer Limited to sign off on the huge packet of assessments. They can’t just be called the Chief or 2nd Engineer, they need the license. I think there are around 60 of the assessments. Plus you will need everything else that is involved. The USCG should have a checklist for RFPEW on their website.

I believe the vessel needs to be over 1,000hp and a few other requirements. Also, if you didn’t serve onboard a steam powered vessel, you will not get the steam propulsion assessments signed off.

I don’t believe there is a shortcut to getting the RFPEW. You either do the assessments or you don’t get it. Good luck and tell us a bit more about why the USCG is denying your application. What exactly did you send them, what exactly did the say to you, etc.

I submitted all my documents that I have.This document I have used them when I was sailing on international vessel container, tankers and bulk carriers.The problem, my expirienced is not on US vessel,I started my maritime career from the Philippines for 11 yrs.The USCG is asking for NVIC 01-06 which I cannot provide because this should be signed by USCG licensed marine engineer,instead I have provided them my certificate of sea service
from the company I have sailed ,watchkeeping certificate,simulator training. licenses plus the BST training that I have taken here in the US.It is hard to apply in shipping company because most of the time they asked me if i have this RFPEW cert. If you have any recommendation I would appreciate it…thanks

My expirience is international seagoing vessel container,bulk and tankers, coastguard is requiring the NVIC 01-06.This are companies that is being manned in the Philippines.I have tried to appy with the companies in the US but they are requiring this RFPEW and I could not prsent them this document since I dont have US ships expirienced.Do you know any companies accepting applicant w/o RFPEW endorsement?Thanks w/ your advice…

You should be required to have rfpew no matter which country you work for.

Call these people.
They have an OSV - RFPEW course.
It might be your way to get a foot in the door.

Bayou La Batre, Alabama


Heck, it sounds like with your experience you should apply for the job TEACHING the class.

Thank you folks for your advice …