RFPEW assessments

Looking to sign off some assessments for a junior engineer on board. We are over 1000 HP and have a ‘walk-in’ engine room, and can’t see any other concerns over the vessel not meeting the requirements.

However, there are a few pieces of equipment that aren’t on board, therefore I can’t sign them off. i.e. oily water seperator…
Do I just put n/a in the box ? I found some old threads kinda regarding this but the main discussion was over steam. So I’m curious if not having an OWS and purifier (centrifuge) on board here creates a limitation?

You shouldn’t put N/A in the record of assessment. Whether or not it’s applicable is to be determined by the Coast Guard, not the assessor. Your putting N/A down will have no effect on whether or not it has to be done.

Should there be an explanation included on why something is left blank?

Maybe. It’s not going to have any effect on the application, but it might prompt or support a review of the appropriateness of the assessment, assuming that note is passed on to someone who can is qualified and authorized to perform that review.

I had a more than minor rule in that NVIC (I’m not an engineer) and have not heard of any problems with doing this assessment. So if your vessel is not typical, and the majority of vessels that are required to have an RFPEW have the equipment, it is likely no change will be made. The assessments are to qualify a mariner to work on all vessels, not any single vessel. Allowances have been made for limitations for certain equipment, but these are not done on an individual case by case basis, for an individual mariner’s application.