RFPEW limitations?

I received my new MMC, I upgraded to QMED (Jr engineer, pumpman, reefer engineer, electrician, oiler) as well as RFPEW. My question regards the RFPEW portion. I wasn’t able to get the auxiliary boiler assessments signed off as my ship didn’t have one. On my new document it says under the International section that I have RFPEW - oiler & Jr engineer - “Restricted to motor vessels without a waste heat or auxiliary boiler”.

How exactly is this going to affect me? How would I get these limitations removed from my document?

I would guess that if you did the missing assessments they would issue you an unrestricted RFPEW.

I am assuming that I’d have to go out as a wiper to get that done.

Maybe there are positions above wiper that don’t require RFPEW. If not there may be a school that will offer just the assessments you need.

[QUOTE=Capt. Schmitt;59354]Maybe there are positions above wiper that don’t require RFPEW. [/QUOTE]

Yeah, ones he already has - pumpman, reefer engineer, electrician - the guys who aren’t P of an EW.

If he really can work as a reefer or electrician he should be OK to get an assessment on the aux boiler .

The only snag is that unless a reefer/electrician really knows his stuff he is unlikely to find anyone willing to sign off on anything other than a discharge.