Review questions in Lapware

I am currently using Lapware to study for a Chief Mate exam and having trouble understanding how to slim down the question pool to those only applicable to my modules in “review mode.”

Specifically the “license exam” drop down menu. There’s a couple exams that show my module number such as “Exam 15BR = CM / MA AGT 151XX DG A.” However most exam numbers are confusing and I’m not sure which ones apply to me.

I wrote Lapware twice with no response. I am currently studying every question in every section of review mode. Should I keep studying all the questions, or is there a way to only study questions that apply to my modules?

The “test templates” allow me to choose my module, however it feels like the templates keep asking the same questions.


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I got the same response from these guys.  I asked several questions and got no response.  Even after I sent them a list of the questions I saw on celestial & stability for CM/M unl. I thought I'd at least get a "thank you".  No such luck.  It used to be you could select under review the rating you were going for and then all the questions would show up based on that rating.  I think I tried that for deck general or something and got a list of 65 questions in total.  If you have a Windows based computer or partition I'd suggest using that other study platform.  There was a thread on that not too long ago.

Only other thing I did was isolate each of the subjects from the template tests and generate specific templates for those subjects. Eg. for nav gen I made a template for just weather questions.

Hi Deviated,

IMHO, DO NOT study all the questions, even if you’re sitting for the CM-M unlimited test. Also don’t use the “template tests” to study, as you’ve already found they’re crappy at picking a random variety. Use the “Review Questions” section to study and then use the “template tests” to time yourself.

Use the module numbers from your “approval to test” letter as a guide to which “Review Questions” section you should use. I’ve attached a list of those module numbers from the deck exam guide. One thing that might be throwing you off is that you will be taking two Deck General tests, so there’s two “Review Questions” options. Make sure to look at them both.

PM me if you have any further questions!

Christine Klimkowski
Instructor & Curriculum Developer

Hey, I’m in exactly the same boat that you were. Did you ever get a satisfactory answer? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yes use the filter “15BR=CM/MA AGT O/NC-RIG 2M, RIG CM AGT O/NC” for all modules excluding deck general.

Awesome, thanks!

Which do you study for deck general?

Is uogarde U updated to this question bank? the number of total questions seem to differ…

Thank you!!

Looking at these past posts, the module codes actually make a difference in testing?

If they start with “Q” they are the new tests, if they don’t they are the old.

If you are taking the old tests, study the deck gen a and b under 15XXX on lapware. I noticed the upgrade u app had all the same questions, with a few extras, though I can’t remember off the top my head what subjects those were.

I know for Cnav, upgrade U has high altitude sites, where the 15XXX for lapware doesn’t.

I primarily do lapware and only upgrade u when internet isn’t available.

If I became a 2nd mate in 2017 is this when I “started my progression toward the licence I am testing for” or does time on my 3rd mate license (recieved in 2013) count as progressionl?

I know all these questions may seem simple, but it seems many people arent 100% sure where they fall as far as testing now.

You seem to be the guru on the USCG exams.

Thank you!

It’s the earliest day of the time you are using for the upgrade. It will vary based on what the required service is for the endorsement you are applying for.

If you are applying for Chief Mate, you need one year as Mate while holding 2nd Mate, so you began your service on the first day as a Mate after you got the 2nd Mate endorsement.