Requirements for 200-Ton Mate

Does someone out there know the requirements for the 200-Ton Mate (Inland or Coastal) License? I’ve looked around and all I see is stuff about the Master or the Master/Mate. It all seems a bit muddled.

I’m testing for my 100-Ton Inland Master in March.

I have the documented 360 days required, of which:

[li]260 days are served (inland and near coastal) on various vessels around 100 tons and[/li][li]100 days are served (near coastal) on a 200-Ton vessel[/li][/ul]
Now I know I can’t go for the 200-Ton [B]Master [/B]yet, but I’m thinking I can obtain the 200-Ton [B]Mate[/B] along with my 100-Ton Master ticket.

I’m doing a study course for the 100-Ton Master ticket, after which I will take the test that they administer. Would I have to do an additional study course and test for the 200-Ton Master just to get the Mate ticket?

Thanks, beforehand!

if you are doing this at a school, then they won’t just let you test at the 200 ton level. In other words, if you’ve paid for a 100 ton course, they won’t let you take the 200 tons exam unless you (and they) agreed to it as part of your tuition. P.S. That’s how they make money! But there are only a few other topics you would need to brush up on to go for the 200 ton, However, I would bet that the ‘course’ you’re taking and the exam they will proctor will be the lesser of the two. Did you ask them if you can take a 100 ton master, 200 ton mate exam?

Generally the only difference between the master and mate is sea time. It is the same exam. So you moving up from a 100 to a 200 is where the difference in exams will be evident.

Thanks, cappy208. Yeah, I should ask. The 100T course starts in a few weeks. They have a 200T course as well (cha ching. . .). Yeah, I heard that for the 200T Mate I would need to test on 20 additional deck questions. But whether the school would include preparatory material for the additional 20 within the confines of the 100T course is doubtful, I’m thinking.

Your deck general will be around 50 questions for the 100 ton, and 60 or 70 for the 200 ton. its not that they ask way different topics, but maybe just a few extra details. if you’re all studied up for the 100 the 200 isn’t really all that much harder.

IIRC you need a 70% on the deck general exam section. that is 38 out of 50 correct for the 100 or 49 out of 70 for the 200 ton. either way it;'s not really that difficult. easy for me to say, huh?!

Your problem is that the school is going to give you the exam you pay for, not the highest level you are able or entitled to get. Unless you pay for the bigger license, you ain’t gettin’ it!

OOC, do you have your AB? I found the AB exam to be way more complicated and involved in the picayune minutia about general seamanship that any license (ESPECIALLY THE 100 TON) I have ever sat for since. Although I never actually studied for my AB (except for the lifeboat section) I passed my AB (IMHO) only because of my sailing background, and knowledge of wooden boats, rigging and repairs. Here’s a few words I recall from the AB exam: Garboard, Sheerstrake, Limber Hole, Gudgeon, Pintle, Spider Band, Mousing, Leech, Luff, Foot, Clew, Head, Tack. Good luck finding ANY deckhand on a commercial vessel who knows what these are! Even the ones who have an AB have forgotten them!

Good Luck.

Thanks again. Have my OS - will probably go for AB Special at year’s end. Thanks for the head’s up - I’m kind of a geek with all that nomenclature stuff, anyway.

There are many courses approved as “ugrades” to Master 100 Tons. You dopn’t need to take a 10-day 200 tin course, if you have the Master 100 Tons course in the past year you can take a 3-day “upgrade” course and together they will cover the exams for Master 100 and Mate 200. Gop to NMC’s web page and look for courses named “Upgrade Master 100 to Master 200.”

Mate and Master 200 are the same exam. If you take it for Mate 200, you don’t take it again for Master 200.

That’s good to know, jdcavo. Thanks a lot!