50 ton master license with 200 ton mates license?

So I am currently in the process of sending out for my 200 ton near costal mate, passed the exams and have all the sea time, just need to send the paperwork. I am interested in doing small vessel charters as well, which require a 50 ton masters license. When I apply for my 200t mates license, can I also apply for the 50t master or do I automatically receive a smaller tonnage masters license with my 200t mates? Thanks.

You must apply for it and have the appropriate seatime/exams completed.

You almost never “automatically receive” anything from the NMC, you have to specifically ask for everything.

If you have the tonnage for a 200 ton mate why not get a 100 ton master?

So, when I send out for my 200 mates, can I apply for my 100 master and be able to get it no problem, assuming the requirements for the 200t mate is the same if not more than the 100t master.



Master requires 720 days mate requires 360 it looks like. So I guess if you have the time for master I don’t see why not but I’m not too familiar with these tonnage licenses …Jdcavo could probably help you out.

I applied to test for 100 ton before the turn of the century. When I arrived at the REC to test, I asked if I could also set for 200 ton mate. They approved and I took both exams with only 1 plot. Rules have probably changed many times since then.

In addition to the total sea service, there are tonnage requirements, it’s possible the tonnage would be sufficient for 100 GRT but not 200 GRT.
See 46 CFR 11.422.

For less than 200 GRT, the exam content is based on tonnage, not mate or master. The exam for mate 200 is the same as for master 200, so there is no test to go from Mate 200 to Master 200.

What has changed since you tested was the ability to get an instant approval to test for another endorsement from the REC. In fact, prior to moving evaluations to NMC, this wasn’t possible at the majority of the RECs.

Good Morning,

This is your SLCC’s administrator. According to our Marine Coordinator,

"Here is the tonnage break down of the sea service required for the masters lic for 100, 50 and 25 GRT

100 GRT – 180 days (25%) of service on vessels of 51 GRT or above, OR

360 days (50%) of service on vessels 34 GRT or above

50 GRT – 180 days (25%) required on vessels of 26 GRT or above, OR

360 days (50%) required on vessels of 17 GRT or above

*** If the applicant has 1 day of service BEFORE March 24, 2014 on

ALSO… if the mariner does not meet the vessel tonnage above they may consider a master 25 GRT

25 GRT – 541 days (75%) or more for endorsement on vessels 5 GRT or less


180 days (25%) or more on vessels 6-25 GRT, OR

360 days (50%) or more on vessels 1-16 GRT

(If mariner does not meet the tonnage calculation for 50 GRT or more he or she is eligible for 25 GRT)

This information is per CFR 46 11.422"

I hope this helps:)