Is a 150 GRT master license a master not more than 200 GRT?

I have a 150 master/ 200 ton Mate INLAND license. Looking at possible upgrades, there are some interesting opportunities for someone holding a master NMT 200 GRT:
90 days on deck while holding master NMT 200 inland gets you 200 GRT NC mate.
360 days as master on vessels over 50 GRT while holding a master NMT 200 GRT (720 days total) gets you 1600 GRT mate inland.
1080 days master of vessels 200 GRT or less (plus 30 and TOAR) gets you mate of towing.

My question is does a 150 ton master count as master NMT 200 GRT? Does a 100 ton master? My first two issues were 100 ton master/ 200 ton mate inland and only have a little time while holding the 150 ton master.

I don’t believe the 100grt master counts but the 150 ton master should since it us the same exam, just a tonnage limitation. Kind of like a 3m unlimited that has a tonnage limitation.

Your 150 master/200 mate license is just that and not 200 ton master. However there are jobs out there that might ask for 200ton and actually turn out to be boats of around 130- 140 ton, so your license would be valid if you can get past the resume Nazis. Or get on as a mate with your existing license and then once you get on board you will quickly accumulate enough time to get the 200 tons master. The exam you took is actually the 200 test so all you need is sea time.

True, it is not a 200 ton master. It will not allow him to run a 199 grt boat. But, the question at hand is about upgrading, not what boats he can run. I expect that a 150 ton master would count as a “not more than 200 ton” license since it is the same test and exactly the same requirements as the 200 ton master. If you can’t show enough time over 100grt when you apply for the 200 ton license they restrict you to 150 tons, but it us essentially the same level of license (like a 3M AGT limited to 2000 grt is the same level license as a 3M AGT).

I would say apply and see unless Mr. Cavo comes in to say I am wrong.

Thank you for the response. Right now my plan is to go for my 500 ton masters but if I could get a 1600 mates at the same time why not? I understand the mate and masters tests are different. I wonder if you applied for both if you would have to test twice or if they would give you a combined test.

The only test difference is one exam is 50 questions on the master and 70 questions on the mate. Hopefully they will let you take the harder one and have it count towards the other.

10.410 - Requirements for deck licenses for vessels of not more than 1600 gross tons.

(a) Licenses as master and mate of vessels of not more than 1600 gross tons are issued in the following tonnage categories:

(1) Not more than 1,600 gross tons;

(2) Not more than 500 gross tons; or,

(3) Between 25-200 gross tons in 50 ton increments and with appropriate mode of propulsion such as steam or motor, sail, or auxiliary sail.

My interpretation is that a Master of not more that 150 GRT is not equivalent to a Master of not more than 200 GRT

Good luck with the upgrade