1600 Masters Inland


I currently hold a Master 200 tons Near Coastal as well as First Class Pilotage of 200 Tons license. I also hold an AB Special.

How can I go about obtaining a 1600 Ton Master Inland License?


You will have to test for 1600 Mate Inland. Serve 360 days while holding that license and retest for your 1600 Master. As far as I have found, and I could be wrong, there is no way to jump the 1600 Mate.

I’m not sure that’s correct.

46 CFR 11.442 is the applicable section that covers this. It says 3 years total service, 540 days of which needs to be on vessels over 100 tons, with 360 days of service as Master, Mate, or equivalent supervisory position on vessels over 100 GRT while holding a license/MMC Endorsement as Master, Mate, or Master Towing. It doesn’t list a tonnage requirement.

I think you have 2 options: get a mate’s license first or upgrade your Master License.

Once you get your sea-time on vessels over 200grt you can upgrade to 500t Master & then to 1600ton master (until the new rule changes go into effect).

One thing to think about; if you plan on continuing to unlimited tonnage you may want to get your 500 or 1600/mate. This would alleviate the confusion/headaches/hassles about having to retest later on. As it stands now, if you get your 500t mate’s license first, no further testing or assessments will be required until it is time for you to get your CHief MAte Unlimited. You can progress to 1600 Master, 3M, 2M without testing again. Of course, by the time you satisfy all the sea-time requirements, the rules could be totally different.