1600 ton mate to 1600 ton master near coastal

hello i would like to get my 1600 ton master, what is the sea service requirement for my situation , i understand the 360 days to upgrade my 3rd mate , to 2nd mate and take the partial 70 question test but i have about 285 days on ships over 1600 and 500 days on tugs over a hundred tons which are 12 hr. but under 200grt .days so can i still get the 1600 near coastal/oceans with the 720 day requirement or a full 1440 which it states in cfr. or do they take a % of my time on tugs and use my 285 , 8 hr. days from ship? thanks for the time with helping me , thanks again .
my 500 days were as mate in cow on tug. with 3rd mate license.just to clarify things i have been sailing as third mate the whole time all my time is with the third mate which i was a mate , but the third mate is equal to 1600 mate and or 200 ton captain so as per those there are different rules 200 ton to 1600 ton is 720 days , see what im getting at . messed up.

As memory serves, you need just 360 days sailing on your 3rd mate license to sit for the 2nd mates exam and the 70 question 1600 master exam is thrown in at the end after passing ALL tests for the 2nd mate. As long as your 360 as a 3rd isn’t inland you’re ok I believe. Your seatime leading up to 3rd mate is irrelevent now.

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It’s hard to understand what you are stating, but I think you’re getting your apples and oranges mixed-up and reading too much into this. Read my first response again, that’s my route to 2nd Mate/1600 Master.

In fact, did you take the combined 3rdMate/2ndMate test? If so you don’t even need to test for 2nd Mate, (just flashing light, etc)

Just read the cfr. For pete’s sake. It is not rocket science. They even have nice little flow charts.