1600 Ton Master

I am seeking clarification of the sea service requirement for 1600 Master. Is there a tonnage requirement for the 360 days that are in addition to the 360 days over 100 Tons as Officer for the 720 days total as officer required?

a. 720 days over 100 tons, and
b. 720 days as mate or master while holding a license, of which,
c. 360 days as mate or master over 100 tons

Am I understanding correct 720 days over 100 tons any capacity and
720 days (360 which must be over 100 as Master , Mate) 360 any tonnage, Thanks

1440 total days, you must have 720 over 100 & 720 as master, mate… Blah, blah, blah. So you sailed 720 days as AB on a tanker over 100 tons then you must have served as master, mate… for 720 (even if it was on a vessel under 100 tons). Or maybe you was an AB on a crewboat (under 100) and then got your 200 ton mate and served on a 179 ton vessel as a mate for 720 days which then meets both caveats in one 720 period but you still ultimately have to have 1440 freakin days total.

[B][I][U]IMHO[/U][/I][/B]…from the NMC site…these checklists may assist??