3/M AGT seeking requirements for 1600 GT Master

Hello All,
I have been attempting to find out what exactly all the requirements are for obtaining a 1600 GT Masters Ticket. I have a 3M AGT ticket, STCW, GMDSS … though I do all of my work on board tugs. All the tugs have been over 500 GT. I currently have 490 12HR days on the Great Lakes, 60 12hr days East Coast and 90 12HR days West Coast for a total of 640 12hr days which should equal 960 8 hour days if I’m correct. Due to the tonnage I am not able to upgrade to 2/M. My question is, am I qualified to get my 1600 Ton Master ticket or do I need to do something else. If I am qualified, which exams do I need to take?? I’ve looked over the USCG Deck Guide and I can’t find where it states a 3/M exam for gettin the 1600 Masters. Thank you for all of your help.

B/r Adam

Have you been sailing as mate on these tugs? If you have then you should be approved to sit the 2nd mate exam.

Yes I have been sailing as a 2/M, but it is my understanding that with a 3/M AGT upon Oceans ticket, that one) my time on the Lakes only counts to a certain extent and two) for an upgrade to 2/M AGT, I need to have worked on vessels over 1600 GT.

You can upgrade to 2nd Mate without having served on vessels over 1600 GRT. If insufficient experience is gained a tonnage limitation will be assigned. No exam is required if you took the 3rd Mate exam after 2/1/02. If you took the exam before that date, you will be tested on Rules, Deck General Navigation General and Safety, Near Coastal Navigation (for Near Coastal only), and Celestial (for Oceans only). You will need 360 8hr or 240 12hr days of service on vessels as an OICNW while holding a Third Mate license.
You can qualify for the Master 1600 by holding a Second Mate license and completing a limited examination.

I would say go for your 2nd Mate with a tonnage restriction if you are working on vessels over 500 GRT, but less than 1600 GRT and qualify for your Master 1600 while holding the 2nd Mate. I am not sure if you can get the 2nd Mate and qualify at the same time, but if you can take advantage of the 2fer license. Good luck.

They may also make you take a Flashing Light exam. Remember the CG no longer tests at the RECs. You will have to find a CG approved course. Houston Marine Training Services sells the material on DVD and it comes with a book and the testing fees for 395.00.

Trumpeter5, to go from 1,600GRT Mate to 1,600GRT Master requires 360 8-hour days of service as mate, which you obviously already have. The tonnage certainly isn’t an issue. You [B]should[/B] just have to test again to go to master.

oh yeah, Rules of the Road may be slipped in there too.

Thanks everyone, I’ll be down in Charleston soon and I’ll be sure to stop by the REC there.