Upgrade to 1600 ton master

I have a master of towing and a 1600 ton mate right now and I want to upgrade my 1600 ton to master. I was wondering if anyone knows what it will take and if there is more testing involved and what the test will be.

partial exam from master of towing but why do you want to do that just go to 3rd mate unlimited

Someone will correct me if i’m wrong, but i believe your best route (if it still exists) would be to apply for 500 grt master. Assuming you have a 200 grt master of tow, all you will need is to pass a three module exam. Once you get your 500 grt master, you can then upgrade to 1600 grt after you acrue the required seatime. I don’t believe you can bypass the 500 and go straight to 1600 this way (although, i may be wrong.)

Unless i’m mistaken, you would have to take a full exam again for the 1600 grt master NOT factoring in the loophole i mentioned above.

If you want to be able to use that license you’ll also need STCW II/2 (Master) which requires training classes and onboard assessments.

Edit: never mind. STCW isn’t needed inland.

What waters does your current licenses cover?

Western rivers

So 1,600 ton inland mate and western rivers towing?

Yes 1600 ton mate western rivers, and a master of towing

You should double check your license.

Thats what it says

Western Rivers is unique to towing licenses. There’s no such thing a Mate 1,600 tons Western Rivers.

Well fuck me running. How long ago did you first get that?

I have no idea how you got that since as far as I can tell that license doesn’t exist at all. It’s not in the CFRs and there’s no checklist for it. @jdcavo how does one get a 1,600 ton Mate Western Rivers?

1600 ton Master great lakes and inland is a fairly easy exam. I’m not positive how many modules it is, but it’s not difficult. No STCW needed inland so ignore my first comment.

I held my AB for 180 days, applied and tested for my 1600 ton western rivers, and then once I got that then I did my tour for my mate of towing

@jdcavo how does one get a 1,600 ton Mate Western Rivers?

Unless it’s a restriction under 46 CR 11.201(l), I have no idea.