I currently have a 1600 mate inland and a mate(pilot) of towing on western rivers with no tonnage limitation. If I am reading 46 CFR 11.464(d) correctly… do I qualify for a 200 ton limited master of towing??? I am asking because if I have a masters license at my current company it is a huge pay increase

That’s what it looks like. What limited local area would you get it for? Do you exclusively do harbor work or something?

I have a mate of towing on western rivers but I do only harbor assist for the most part.

A master limited has to specify a limited local area, like the harbor you work in, that is the only area your master license is valid in. If you’re ok with that, spend the money to apply.

I’m ok with that for now to get my pay raise until I can sit for my 1600 masters. Which is probably another year

How much time do you have sailing as mate?

Like 180 days.

You’re not far from upgrading now. Unless I missed something you only need a year of mate sea time, which is 240 days on a tug.

360 days. I’m at 180 actually. And 7/7. So Atleast another year

180 days onboard a tug is 270 days of sea time.
240 days onboard a tug is 360 days of sea time.

Since you’re already at 180 days onboard you only need 60 more days to have the necessary 240 so you’re 4 months away with your work schedule.

And then I need to test and everything when I can be making the extra money right now tho

I have 180- 8 hour days also. So I’m only half way there.

I didn’t say you should wait, I was just putting it out there. BTW, you’ll likely need to test for Master of Towing Limited also.

Are you only working 8 hour days or did you already convert?

According to the cfr I don’t think I should have to

What makes you think that?

Did you take the Apprentice Mate (Steersman) exam to get your mate of towing or did you get your 1,600 ton mate and TOAR?

I actually took my apprentice mate and didn’t want to wait the full time so went and got my 1600 which gave me the mate of towing with my TOAR

Gotcha. In that case I think you’re covered on the exam. Apply and see.

I appreciate it. I hope so