Renewing Master 25 Ton Inland/ Mate 25 Ton Near Costal

Got couple of questions, I have 400 days sea time in Southern Atlantic Area in past 5 years but none in last 2 years, 100 days Gulf Coast and Western Rivers in last 2 years, would I be getting a Master near Costal and Mate Inland now? Also I dont see where it says I need too provide a photo like I did on my orginal, Do I just get a passport photo? I am new too the form and thanks in advance…

Photo, fingerprinting and background check come from your TWIC. No need for passport photos any more.

You can renew via fax, mail or email. No need to physically go to an REC (usually).

I can’t answer the first part of your question. Give an REC a call or email them at They have been good when I dealt with them recently.

Welcome to the forum. This place is a great source for information. For the near coastal, you need the following: Total of 720 days of sea time. You only need 360 days in the last 5 years for a renewal. 360 of your total sea service needs to be “seaward of the demarcation line” (offshore) to count towards a near coastal license. And, a near coastal license is good on the rivers and great lakes.
If you have any time on a vessel over 100 tons, look into taking the 200 ton upgrade class before it goes away.

Or, just go here.

Thanks guys good info looks like this is a good form till next time, Latter

Thanks DeckApe I check it out, Latter