Renewal and upgrade advice

I have been a USCG 100 t Master for 25 years on yachts based in the Caribbean and the Med. I need to renew by March, and I would like to upgrade to 200 t. I have about 434 days in total, with 53 days of that onboard yachts over 100 tons in the last 5 year period and another 80 days on a 160t vessel in 2000. Do I have enough sea time for upgrade? or what do I need?
I have STCW from St Maarten (Marshal Islands Doc) 2008 and TWIC from 2009.
Do I need to take any exams, or courses?

suggest you start your research on the NMC site??

this “download” contains some good information as well??


he could seadawg, and probably even should BUT there are 1000’s here willing to offer advice, critique, sea stories, and of course pictures of BOOBS!

not trying to discourage “these guys”…just direct them to the resources that are available and that every mariner should be aware of…keep in mind that the value of “advise” is directly proportionate to what you pay for it…the similarity between critique and an anus…that sea stories always begin with “this ain’t no bull sh*t man”…as for boobs from the utility standpoint more than a mouth full is a waste!!:wink:

I agree with you 100% !
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kennyc, when you look at the links that Seadawg provided, keep an eye out for the recency requirements…

You are also running short on time. I’d start looking at those links ASAP.


[QUOTE=Anabasis;24978]You are also running short on time. I’d start looking at those links ASAP.


What is he running short on time on?

the NEW STCW is coming out soon, it will add more classes to the 200 ton master mate license so get it NOW, do a forum search on NEW STCW