200 ton upgrade sea time

<P>I was wondering if anyone knew how much seatime I need to upgrade from a 100 tn master to a 200 ton mate?I checked around and got atleast 3 different answers.I appreciate any help. Great Site,Mark </P>

200 ton master is:<br><br><STRONG> </STRONG>720 days <font face=“EBGKLL+TimesNewRoman,Times New Roman” size=2><font face=“EBGKLL+TimesNewRoman,Times New Roman” size=2>Ocean/Near Coastal waters (up to 360 days credit may be granted for Great Lakes/Inland waters), </font></font><strong><font size=2>WITH 360 days </strong></font><font face=“EBGKLL+TimesNewRoman,Times New Roman” size=2><font face=“EBGKLL+TimesNewRoman,Times New Roman” size=2>as master, mate or equivalent supervisory position while holding a license as Master, Mate, or OUPV <br><br>Why go for mate when you can get Master?</font></font>

Thanks Brian, I want to get my 200 tn master.I was told I had to have 3 months of seatime on a boat over 100 tns in order to get it though.I was also told I needed 45 days to get a 200 tn mate.Im just trying to bump it atleast to mate so I can start working on one of my companys 200 tn boats.All of my seatime has been 100 tn master only in the last 8 years. Thanks Again ,Mark

Mark,<br><br>90 days over 100 t is correct per 46 CFR Part 10.202(e). Maybe your company will let you work on a 200 t boat to get the sea time. That is only 60 12 hour days. Worth looking into!<br><br><br>Good luck,<br><br>Brian

I am currently shooting for a 200 ton master. If I had the funds and time I would go for a 500 ton but I don’t. =(<br><br>But anyway, one thing I’m not clear on is the prerequisites other than sea time. I am under the impression that you need radar, stcw, and your ab, which I have. How about bridge resource management? Anything else I’m missing? I sent my application into the USCG earlier this week so I’m not expecting to hear from them for a couple of weeks and I’m curious.

The only training you need for licenses 200 Tons and under is First Aid & CPR. You’;d need radar observer to work on a vessel with radar, but not to get the license. The heavy training requirements start at 500 GRT.<br><br>It’s generally harder to come up with the sea time for 200 Tons than it is for 500 Tons, at least for now. Currently you need a gresater percentage of your time on larger vessels for 200 than you do for 500. Sooner or later we’ll fix that, but we can’t get the Dept. of Homeland Security to OK the reg. changes needed for this and a host of other license issues. DHS only undertakes a portion of all the reg. cvhanges agencies ask for, and ours has not been able to get a high priority.<br><br>James D. Cavo<br>Chief, Mariner Training & Assessment Division<br>USCG National Maritime Center<br>James.D.Cavo@uscg.mil<br>

OK james, thanks. <br><br>However, I happened to come across a check off list of prerequisites for a 200 ton master and I could have sworn that having a ab was a part of it. This sheet might be a couple years old though.

I have my 200GRT/500ITC mate and you dont need anything except first aid/ cpr and the seatime. I do have my unlimited radar, but I didnt need it to get the license. I did my 100 ton master, 200 ton mate, apprentice steersman, and unlimited radar all at the same time.

Is there an echo in here?

HaHa I hear you Mr. Cavo! I was just stressing the fact of what you said since there was still some question.

While everyones opinion is valuable to them you will find the answer that you need in 46CFR 1-40<div>You can access this on the web or buy the book. There are about 15 pages that will apply to your entire career. You wou

I currently have a 100 ton masters license n/c with commercial assistance towing. I have worked as a master using my license 380 days.then i went to work as a deckhand aboard a tugboat that is registered as 298 tons.the company wants me to get a 500 ton mates ticket but every person i contact gives me a different route to take.Mr Cavo or anyone else please give me some guidance.

Oh boy, you’ve opened a big can 'o worms. Click here to get started. Then download USCG NVIC 04-01 and all the attachments. Tell that company you’re working for that you want them to pay for your training, or else find yourself about $15,000.00 for the training you’ll need for STCW if this towboat of yours sails offshore. If you’re brown water it’s cheaper.
You can jump from 100 ton Master to 500 ton Master (at least you could years ago, that’s what I did) and 1600 ton Mate, so don’t limit yourself to a 500 ton Mate license. Since you already have a license it’ll be a little bit easier to get your Towing License. See above documents for more info.
If you want the full meal deal, check out this place.
Once you’ve exhausted the resources above, or anytime for that matter, if you have more questions just ax.



Mr Cavo
Is there a staute of time on sea time? I have my 90 days on a 300 ton but it was 9 years ago I actually submitted it when I upgraded to 100 ton license. also is there any way to request a copy of sea time submitted previously from the coast guard?