Time duration between upgrading

My captain confused the fuck out of my head. I have my 100ton NC and I’m going to apply for my 500 mate NC. I have the sea time basic and AFF. He is trying to tell me that I have to wait a year between getting a license to go upgrade to the 500 and that the sea time that I use to get the 100 disappeared and used it up and now I have to gain more?? I think he is messed up but what do you guys know?

I dont think we have enough information to tell you with certainty, but it sounds like he’s wrong. As long as you have appropriate seatime that’s creditable towards your 500. Then it should work. No you do not have to wait a year with one license before upgrading. Your best bet would be to look at the checklist for 500 and see if your seatime qualifies.

720 days of service in the deck department on Ocean, Near Coastal or Great
Lakes waters, OF WHICH

  1. Service on inland waters, other than GL, may substitute for up to 360
    days of the total required service, AND
  2. 360 days of service on vessels of more than 50 GRT, AND
  3. 90 days of service while performing bridge watchkeeping duties under
    the supervision of the master or a qualified officer on vessels of more
    than 50 GRT.

Thanks. I’m not sure where he was getting his information from but I have over 720 NC 360 over 50 grt and 90 days doing watchkeeping. I received my 100 in August and now going to apply for an upgrade to 500 but he was saying I used up my seatime on the 100 and that’s why I have to wait a duration between licenses. Weird

Yea not sure why he would think that. Seatime doesn’t get “used up”. You should be good to go. It’s not even the same type of license. The 100 is for a master and this is for a Mate. Most people I know that operate with 100Ts for a while usually step up to 200T master as the next step up though, just so you know. I guess it depends on what type of vessel and capacity you’ve been working on and what your goals are though.

Edit: That’s where he gets that idea from now that I look at the 200T Master Checklist! You need at least 360 before upgrading. You still don’t “loose seatime”

200 Ton Master:

720 total days of service, in any position or department, on Ocean, Near Coastal or Great Lakes
waters, OF WHICH service on inland waters may substitute for up to 360 days of the total required
service, AND
360 days must have been as a master, mate, or equivalent position while holding an endorsement as
master, as mate, or as operator of uninspected passenger vessels; OR
360 days as a Master or Mate of Ocean or N/C Towing Vessels and completion of an examination

Ah ha thats where is thinking.! Lol must be. I New about those requirements but didn’t come to mind or maybe he doesn’t know the 500 checklist and assumed but anyway thanks