License question, legacy time

Good morning, I currently hold a 100T Masters and have plenty of sea time aboard smaller vessels for my renewal. I want to know if the time I already submitted for my 100T Masters can be used to upgrade to a 200T Mates license? I heard that your legacy time counts but have not been able to verify that.

I think your seatime would probably be counted again for that.

Why not just go for Master 200 and/or Mate 500.

There are very few vessels that need a 200 ton license. Not much you could do with it.

Mate 500 has a lot more value

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Yes, it counts.

Some of it can be “re-used” if it meets the requirements for the new license you are applying for. But, at least 3 months has to have been within the past 3 years, see 46 CFR 11.201(c)(1)(i).

Yes no issues using previous seatime. I recently submitted master 200grt oceans/500gt. Ive had seatime from small yachts to osv. Some time does not count towrads the 200, example of what jdcavo was stating, so i only resubmited my sea time letters for the time thats valid for 200grt and excluded the smaller yacht time that was under the reuired tonnage needed to increase.