Upgrading Question 100 200 1600 ton

I know I will be advised to go for the largest upgrade I can get, I have a 3000 ton Fishing Vessel Masters that I have held since 1995. More than enough seatime for my 1600 ton Inspected Masters Ticket. I am looking at a job that probally need a 200 ton license can I get this grade with my present seatime or do I need to go the 100 ton route and build more seatime? Next question is if I do go for the smaller License do I loose the qualification for the 1600 ton ticket, this all might seem silly to people working up in the industry but I will be 57 next march and I see another 10 years at sea on the long side of things.
Thanks in advance for any input

You could get a 200 ton now. There us never a need to get a 100 ton. If you get the 200 ton you can still use that time for a 1600 later. As long as you are getting a license, go for the 1600 ton…

You can take the test for the 200 ton but you will only be 100 ton master 200 ton mate. Then you start adding sea time wall holding your license like if you want to go to the 500 ton you have to have to have like 360 days of sea time wall holding your license

He holds a trade restricted license now so he can get either a 200, 500, or 1600 depending on sea time and tonnage. The 200 ton is easy 2 weeks in school and a test at the school. 500 or 1600 would take him about. 8 weeks in class a test prep class and then testing at the REC. So 2000 and 2 weeks for a 200 ton or 10000 and 3 months to get a 500 1600. It all depends on how much money and time he has.

Thanks for the input. I sure was easier when you could call the REC

I do have the qualfications for the 1600 and most of the stcw done just need Bridge Management and maybe 1 more, I just worry that if I go for the smaller license I will lose the 1600

I just heard From CG and I can do this in steps if I want, 200 now and 1600 later nif I need it, Thanks for the input

Good deal man wish you luck