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I couldn’t find where this had been asked before. I have a 1600 Near Coastal Mates license. According to the CFRs, that gives me a 100 ton Master, although it isnt listed on my license. There is an upgrade class 100 to 200 ton Master class which is only 3 days. Just wondering if anyone ever did it that way. Be a lot easier for me. Thanks

Mind sharing that cfr? Never heard this one before. I recall a 3rd mate can sail as a 100 grt master, and THAT is in the cfrs but not printed on a 3rd mate’s license.

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Posted a screen shot from this forum. 46 CFR 15.901 (a)

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Better, see CG-MMC policy letter 03-21.

You need more than that course to go to Master 200, that course only covers the exam. You still need to meet the requirements for Master 200 (e.g. sea service).


I appreciate you saying that. Ive been sailing as mate with a 1600 NC for a lot of years. If i can get a master 1600 NC with my sea time, I should be able to get a 200 right? That’s the part that i dont get. Theyre only talking about it as an upgrade from 100 ton. Or based on what that says, Should i add the endorsement first? Maybe im reading too much into this, but I could go submit for a 1600 master right now. I just dont want to at my age. The upgrade to 200 is cheaper too for the school. It seems silly that I could get a 1600 Master, but not be able to take the 200 ton test.

Master 200 appears to be a totally useless license.

Upgrade to Master 1600.

No thanks. 200 is big enough where i work. I only have one renewal left.

What? It has been a while, but I can’t remember any real differences between the test for 200 or 1600 GRT. If you have the time on the larger vessels, why in the world would you settle for a 200?

Notwithstanding that there are differences in the exam, Master 200 doesn’t require firefighting training, Master 500 does. See 46 CFR 11.201(h).

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Presumably he already has firefighting, since it is also a requirement for Mate 1600. As for differences in the exam, they are minor (from memory). In my experience, if one can study and pass a 100 GRT exam, there is no reason they can’t pass the 1600 GRT exam. RoR and chart plotting modules are essentially the same and these are usually the toughest to pass.

Thanks for the advice

Mate or Master of Towing is required for a tug.

Other licenses by themselves don’t cover tugs

Thank you. I’ve been a Mate of towing for a pretty good while now

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