100grt Master to 1600t Mate

I am wanting to upgrade my licenses.
I hold a 100grt masters with a 500gt. Held since 2009

The USCG says I am eligible for mate 1600.
With advance stability, medical care, advance fire and a few others.

I’m currently working on ECDIS and ARPA.
I just completed Radar unlimited.

I have been working on MODUs the past 4 years as a QMED and I occasionally take crew boat gigs.
I think I’m ready to step it up to 1600t.
I don’t have requirment for Master. 1600

But I do for Mate.
Is there any testing from 100t master to 1600t mate?

Not the stcw requirments but actual exams.

Thank you.

Yes. You have to take the exams for Third Mate to get Mate 1600. You might as well ask for Third Mate while you are at it. You’ll probably get a tonnage limit.

You may be able to get 25% seatime credit for your QMED time on the unlimited tonnage MODU toward the Third Mate.

Thank you.