Have to renew in aug 2020

My current ticket expires in Aug of 2020. So I am thinking of submitting a renew package around March of 2020. I have some questions that I am hoping some people can help me with.

Current ticket is 6 pac near coastal with 100 ton master inland with sailing and towing endorsements, including wiper and stew. Since 2015 I have been a delivery captain performing lots of power boat and sailboat deliveries, including cross ocean, alaska, mexico, hawaii, and the panama canal.

In 2020 I also plan on getting my STCW, radar man, and radio man certs.

Longer term I will likely pursue 500 ton with 1600 ton mate.

I have this spreadsheet
sea time forms summary

Here are the questions I have.

  1. Hoping I have enough time to move to 100 ton near coastal when renewing?

  2. Should I get a mate license when renewing?

  3. Do I need to renew my TWIC? I have heard something about a wiaver you can do if you already hold a license. Doesn’t get used for anything else.

Any comments greatly appreciated.

That all depends on the tonnage of boat you’ve been running (I can’t open the spreadsheet on my phone). Upgrade your near coastal to the highest they’ll give you, probably 50 or 100 ton. You need time over 50 GRT to get a 500 ton and time over 100 GRT to get a 1,600 ton.

As you appear to primarily do sailboat crewing and delivery work I would assume you may have posed these questions on any of the yachting forums. As an engineer my knowledge of deck licenses is limited but here are my comments.

Look at the checklists found on the USCG’s NMC website for the license you hope to attain. Those checklists will layout the requirements.

Going forward if getting a Mate’s license for a given tonnage will provide credited sea time that having a Master’s license won’t, then get the Mate’s license.

Yes, you need to renew your TWIC. Whoever told you otherwise is misinformed.

You didn’t say what STCW you hope to get or what classes you have taken. Again look at the checklist’s on the NMC’s website pertaining to STCW. The first step is completion of a USCG approved Basic (Safety) Training course.

I have looked at your website. I assume you are aware your medical certificate is good for 2 years and must be renewed accordingly. If your medical certificate expires, your credentials are not valid.
Lastly…To my knowledge there is no such thing as a USCG Master Captain license.

Just curious, again not really knowledgeable on the full extent of your current credentials. How are you, or are you working under the authority of your license when some of your work is “Oceans” (per your experience log) but your OUPV is Near Coastal waters not more than 100 miles offshore?

If you’re working on vessels that don’t require a Vessel Security Plan (such as yachts) and don’t require access to secure areas/terminals, you are not required to maintain a valid TWIC so long as you held one previously.

USCG Policy Letter 11-15 has the details.

Given his current license of 100 ton Master, desire to to get his STCW (work international voyages?) pretty much require a TWIC?

In a practical sense, perhaps yes. There’s little to no downside to not renew it (other than $ and the need to go to an enrollment center).

In a strict legal sense, no. STCW and working foreign has no bearing on it. TWIC is only applicable for US vessels and facilities. Foreign inspectors couldn’t care less if you have one.

Again as I am out of my realm of expertise but would he not be better off looking at getting a National Master 200OC as he has already done that work to cover himself.

Only for STCW purposes. For domestic credential purposes the medical is good for 5 years.