License Renewal

Can ya renew a license (2nd Mate AGT-Master 1600) with seatime worked as an AB?

Sure, it counts for recency.

Yes, but if you are renewing STCW it needs to be near coastal or oceans routes. If the tiome was on inland or western rivers, you’ll need to re-take BST or a refresher.

and MAKE SURE YOU MAKE COPIES of all your paperwork you turn into the REC.

There is the off chance, that since paperwork is now being Fedex’d from your REC to the NMC that Fedex my F-up and loose it.

Don’t ask me how I know this…Please.

Did you happen to wait months for a PQEB look only to find they needed further clarification? Just happened to me and only for a renewal. If a body has the seatime and a clean physical, what could possibly be the problem? A strong letter is formulating to my congressman among others.