Regional Exam Center Question regarding multi-day testing. Any first-hand experience

First, a little background: I am just been approved to test and am awaiting my approval letter (hopefully tomorrow) so I can make an appointment. A couple of years ago I took the 1600 mate exam with oceans endorsement. So, including the celestial test, I took my exams on a Monday through Thursday. I am certain that I tested on a Monday through Thursday.

Now I am looking for dates to upgrade to 1600 master. On the NMC website for REC appointments, exams are being shown as being offered three days a week - not four or five.

Questions: Do exams still have to start on a Monday? Are they only testing three days a week? Can I schedule exams on consecutive days of availability; or, do I have to wait until there are three consecutive days available in the same week, starting on a Monday? Anybody have the telephone number of an actual person in Miami REC?

Here is what is shown on the NMC website: the Miami REC is showing exam availability on May 24 and May 26. But May 25 is not shown on the list. Those are the only two dates shown for next week. Same thing the following week - only Tue. and Wed. shown (Monday is Memorial Day).

The Long Beach REC lists three days next week - but May 24 but does not say anything about availability to test on May 24. It then lists May 25 and May 26 of that week as says there are available spots. Again, no mention of Thursday and Fridays.

So I called the NMC and asked them about this. They gave me three telephone numbers for the Miami REC. I had previously tried the first two numbers. I called the third number, and, like the other two numbers, the very same recording referred me back to NMC and did not give me the option to talk to a person in Miami. Three telephone numbers for the Miami REC with the exact same message and no option to speak to a person!

I then called the Long Beach REC. I got a recording that allowed me to leave my telephone number and a message. I did, but I am not holding my breath.


I know you have to take them all in a week on your first shot all in a row, I did mine tues, wed, thurs in seattle, he said make ups were done on fridays and I called the examiner at the REC to schedule keep trying! and call a local miami nautical school they might have the direct number to the examiner at the REC thats what I did in Seattle to get the Number, NMC has no clue what goes on other than reading a CFR ver batem and wasting mariners money and time good luck.

I’m looking at the Seattle REC appointment scheduler and they show testing available Monday to Friday. Seattle REC also shows an actual calendar. Their software program for appointments is different than Long Beach and Miami. Why am I not surprised.

I wouldn’t worry about the dates until you get your letter (I am hoping you get it tommorrow), I tried to schedule my renual exam on a friday, but since it was 3 modules, it had to be scheduled on 2 consecutive days. I had to schedule it for Mon-Tues even though I was done by 2pm on Monday. Once you get your letter and call the NMC, they will steer you the right way. Good luck

I just tested in Houston for my 500 master,had to take at least 2 modules a day,consecutive days. I called and made an appointment for monday to start.Retakes must be taken on consecutive days, at least 1 per day.

Seattle REC exam number direct is 206 220 7314 Connie this week and Bill next week he is the regular examiner but on vacation this week if you wanted that number good luck