Scheduling USCG exams at REC online

When scheduling an appointment at an REC for upgrade exams via the Homeport website, it states a separate appointment must be scheduled for each “module”. If you have five exams required to upgrade, do you schedule five separate appointments? As the Miami REC shows a maximum of 7 available appointments daily, it seems incorrect to assume one should schedule an appointment for each of the five exams, unless they only allow one or two people to test every day… I am only upgrading to 1 A/E Motor unlimited and not upgrading other licenses.

Thanks -

You only need to schedule as many days as you need to complete your exams. Keep in mind that you need to take at LEAST two exams daily, unless you only have one remaining. Since 1st A/E Motors requires 6 tests, (2 motors, 2 generals, Safety, and Juice) you should schedule for three separate days to ensure you’ll be accommodated. MOST Rec’s will require you schedule three days for upper level endorsements anyway, and most will make you start on a Monday.

You only need 5 exams for 1st, not 6. Only one motors test. I took mine last year and did it in 2 days. I could have done it in one, as the proctor was willing to stay through until I finished. I ended up taking 4 the first day and then one the second day. However I did schedule 3 days, as you usually have 3 hours in the morning for one test, and 3 hours in the afternoon for the next. Letting you take more is completely up to the individual REC. Just schedule 3 straight days and you will be fine. Schedule each appointment for the first thing in the morning. When you select upgrade exams it knows that you will have the whole block

My mistake, 5 exams. Thanks for correcting me!