DDE-Unlimited-motor testing


I just received approval to test for DDE-Unlimited-motor and was wondering if I am correct on what test I will need to take.

As I read it I will need to take the following exams
Q630-motor plants
Q623-Eng safety and Environmental
Q624-General Subjects

Also can these be taken at separate times and what is the best way to prep prior to sitting for the tests


Your approval letter should tell you what tests you need to take. And typically all tests have to be completed at the same time.

I spread out my tests over two days at a REC.

Well, yea. You have to take them all continuously, at least 2 a day. You can take more if you want.

This would lead one to believe they all must be taken the same day.

Ok. Well, bad choice of words then.

Like every other coast guard test (except pilotage)…they have to be completed continuously.

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Other than on consecutive days? No. See page 7.

Yikes that’s a lot of test question for one

Thanks for that!

From page 7 of the Guide @jdcavo referenced:

  1. At the discretion of the REC, mariners may start their examination on any business day the REC is open provided the following requirements are met:
    a. Prior to commencing the first module, the mariner will be required to read and acknowledge
    by signature the Rules of the Examination Room. The complete list of rules can be found on
    the NMC website at www.uscg.mil/nmc.
    b. All modules comprising an examination must be completed on consecutive days within the
    same business week. If the REC is closed due to inclement weather, mid-week federal
    holidays, building emergencies, etc. examinations will resume on the next business day
    c. The mariner must complete a minimum of two modules a day. Additional modules may be
    taken, time permitting.
    d. The mariner must complete each module within three and a half hours. Time to score the
    module and the submission of a Challenge/Comment Sheet is in addition to the three and a
    half hour time limit.
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Gotcha. I just received the email today…I’ll wait to see what the approval letter says.


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Any tips on study prep?


Looks pretty legit???

Wowie after looking at the practice test for electrical I may need to drop down to 4000hp.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

When I was testing for 3rd A/E & DDE ANY HP I used the app called Sea Trials and I used these books MMA Students to study.

When I went to the REC it wasn’t busy and I was able to just keep testing as long as I passed each previous test. Did 7 the first day and the final ones the second day. I just wanted to get them done.

There are electrical questions mixed into the general subject module of the DDE 4000.

Its best to test for the max you are qualified for. Don’t downgrade!

I used mariner advancement for all my engineer testing from qmed to 1st assistant. Its a great product. Just make sure you have a computer thats compatible with it. Check their website.

I’ve also used lapware engine in the past. Its good, but more expensive. You have a monthly fee and need an internet connection.


Thanks for the recommendations.

That’s a lot of testing

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Thanks for the insight.

Think I’ll pull the trigger on the mariner advancement for prep.

When it came to Q&A study material I gained the most from the yellow books from Mass Maritime. The books were printed in the same font & size as the CG exam & made it easy for muscle memory to kick in on harder questions. I also used a copier to copy pages that had questions that I regularly tripped up on. I would copy & paste my problem questions into a small binder, highlight the correct answer & read & study until they weren’t problem questions anymore. I only studied the stuff I missed & only focused on the correct answers. I would also re-read my former problem questions folder in the parking lot right before taking the test. DDE4000 to CE Unlimited & never failed a uscg test. This was all on the old bank though & don’t know if it still works the same.

All of the electrical questions on DDE unlimited are basic questions about electrical theory and terms. You should know that stuff.

If you’re having trouble learning it consider finding some YouTube videos to go along with textbooks to help you grasp the concepts more quickly.

None of it is that difficult. If terms like reactance, capacitance and power factor are unfamiliar to you then you should remedy that. You won’t be intimidated once you’re familiar with the terms.

For question churning Lapware Engine is preferable to Mariner Advancement IMO.

Just read through as many questions as possible the week before your exam and try to have them fresh in your mind. The test are pretty much garbage with outdated and sometimes completely wrong information. Just study to the test.

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