Spreading Tests Out

I have had mixed answers as far as testing for the DDE 4000. From some I have heard that you “do not” have to take the tests consecutively i.e. one test one day and the next two the following day. They have said you can take one of the three part tests, and assuming you passed it, you can take the next two whenever as long as you’re in the 90 day (three month) time frame the coast guard gives you. Others have said you have to take them consecutively, back to back days. I have read the regulations on the exam guidelines but have not found anything about the requirements.
Does anybody have any insight to this?

Thanks a lot!

See page 7:

Page 7, 1.2.1-8b.
“All modules comprising an examination must be completed on consecutive days within the
same business week. If the REC is closed due to inclement weather, mid-week federal
holidays, building emergencies, etc. examinations will resume on the next business day
8c. The mariner must complete a minimum of two modules a day. Additional modules may be
taken, time permitting.”

I’m not sure why you’d want to spread them out. I prefer the study hard, know the stuff, get it in and get it over with plan.

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For my Masters exam, was allotted 4 days to complete 9 exams. First day, the examiner told me that I could take as many modules I wanted per day as long as I didn’t fail any. I knocked out 5 of the straight multiple choice ones on the first day, then 2 each of the remaining math intensive ones on the next two days with one day in reserve in case I didn’t pass a module.
Go in with a strategy and solid knowledge and you will be fine.

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I tested for DDE Any HP & 3rd Unlimited Engineer the last time I tested. Examiner told me the same thing as you, take as many tests as I could before they closed as long as I didn’t fail any. I think he was bored that day as there was only 1 other guy testing. I did 7 tests the first day, got my 3rd that day. Then came back the next day and did the last 2 DDE tests as my brain was fried. I was passing with good scores and was on a roll so just kept going. I did a lot of prep, tons of practice tests, and studied hard for it though.

You used to be able to spread the tests out, but that annoyed the REC’s. I know some people who did that, so they could concentrate on studying 1 or 2 modules at a time. They were short term experts on that subject, but lousy at all the subjects in practice. I’m glad they changed the rules.

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Cool thanks guys! Not sure how I missed that section.