DDE unlimited

I have completed DDE unlimited power at school and I have a Ch.Engineer OSV limited 4000 HP.
I learned that Some schools offer the exam instead of the USCG in the school itself
Does anyone know who they are?And finally, what ships will I be able to work on?
Thank you and god bless

As far as testing at a school, usually that is done as part of a DDE training course. I can’t think of a school where you can just go take a DDE exam on it’s own. Could be one out there though. I never had reason to, so i never looked into that.

If I remember correctly (a few beers in) DDE is only a domestic license, so no foreign flagged boats and even some US flagged boats won’t hire ya if you can’t go international.

May be me, but your post is confusing. You are saying you did a course, but are asking if you can test somewhere other than the uscg? Or are you saying you are approved to test?

I do know that there is a school in washington that offers a dde course and my friend that took it tested there. There may be another one on the east coast that does that too.

DDE unlimited is an oceans license, restricted to vessels less than 500 grt. Like most licenses, without the appropriate stcw endorsements a lot of companies won’t hire you. You need to look into getting OICEW too. Google is your friend.

They don’t offer exams. They offer courses that will substitute for taking the exam. I am not sure there are any for more than 4000 HP. If there are, they are probably long (6 weeks) and expensive.