Dde unlimited or other?

I have taken all classes required for a DDE unlimited, And have about 1500 days sailing as an unlicensed engineer. All the engineering guidelines are new to us in the northwest, because we have never been required to hold a license. Right now i am on a tug, but am interested in other types of vessels anywhere in the US. There is much higher pay opportunities out there. So, my question is, given my sea time, is there any higher licenses in the engineer field that i qualify for? Or others that i can add to my DDE?? Looking for advice before i test! anything you know will help me, thank you guys!

“If you have
enough sea service to obtain the unlimited
hp DDE, we also recommend that you apply
for the Chief OSV 3000gt and the Assistant
Engineer Limited (1600grt/3000gt
ITC) licenses as they all have the same sea
time requirements. Remember to get as
many endorsements as you can for the sea
service you have acquired and the examinations
you will be taking.”

That is an excerpt taken from Maritime Professional Training Institutes Career Reference manual… You can download manual here: http://www.mptusa.com/course/261-Engineering---USCG-prep-course---DDE/Chief/-AE/-QMED-and-rating

With OSV license you can try and break into GOM OSV work… pretty rewarding if you find a spot.

Hope this helps.

I would stick with the regular licensed route, it’s a sort of either or situation, check it out. The DDE has limitations, The other route goes all the way.