Engineering license

Received my license in the mail today and it says
“Chief Engineer (OSV) Of Motor Propelled Vessels

Designated Duty Engineer (DDE) Of Motor Propelled Vessels of less Than 500 GRT”

To clarify, is this the DDE Unlimited? I know I have to sail for one year to run up to the 3000 ITC, correct? Just trying to make sure they didn’t down scale me to the DDE 4000…

Thanks for any help!!!

I have unlimited and it reads “Designated Duty Engineer (DDE) Of Steam and Motor Propelled Vessels of Less than 500 Gross Register Tons (GRT)”

If they downgraded you to 4000 it would be listed as a limitation.


Awesome!!! Just trying to make sure.

It doesn’t have an HP limit. No limit = unlimited.