Equivelants of 3rd's unlimited horsepower license to 4000DDE/DDE unlimited/ etc?


I was hoping someone out there would happen to be familiar with CFRs or highly knowledgeable of licensing information. I graduated from a maritime academy with a 3rd Assistant Eng. steam/motor/ gas turbine of any horsepower, now i am currently working on a OSV of over 3000itc and a little over 10000hp. I was curious to know if that license is higher than a DDE unlimited or a 4000DDE or if there is an equivalent. I was really hoping not to have to fill out more paperwork and take an exam that I have already more or less taken. Please help, it will be greatly apprectiated.

I am very close to upgrading to 2nd assistant eng. unlimited motor if that makes a difference.

There is an equivalent. Ch. 12 of the Marine Safety Manual has a chart that shows all the equivalencies. 3A/E is higher than a DDE in the sense that an unlimited license is a top tier license and a DDE is a lower tier license. However, 3A/E is only “equivalent” to A/E limited. DDE is higher in the sense that you cannot sail as even a DDE1000 if that is what is legally required.

When you upgrade to 2nd, you can get a C/E, limited at the same time. You will get C/E, limited-Oceans any HP because your time is over 10K, but YOU HAVE TO ASK! You could go get a DDE unlimited tomorrow without an exam if you wanted to, but they will charge you the $150 for it so unless it is required for some reason save the money and just wait till you upgrade.

Thank you very much for the clarification, I greatly appreciate the help.

For a “new” Academy 3 A/E another option is to apply for a DDE Endorsement. Per the USCG Marine Safety Manual, Vol II Chapt 12 it says:
“10. Academy Graduates: [B]Designated Duty Engineer-NMT 4000[/B] Horsepower.
When an academy graduate can demonstrate that industry specific training has been provided prior to graduation, an endorsement for designated duty engineer (DDE) -Limited-4000 hp (3000 kW), may be applied for and added to a third assistant engineer license without further testing. Where the training program is unable to demonstrate that industry specific training has been provided prior to graduation, the applicant may reapply for the endorsement after completing the following:
[B]a. 60-days of sea service in any capacity in the engine room; or,
[/B]b. an approved program of industry specific training following graduation.
11. Credit For Academy Graduates: [B]Designated Duty Engineer-Unlimited[/B].
Since persons serving under a DDE Unlimited license may be the sole engineer on board these vessels and do not have a more experienced engineer to turn to, hands-on experience as a DDE-Limited Engineer is an important supplement to their onshore training. When applying for an endorsement as designated duty engineer (DDE) -Unlimited HP (more than 4000 hp/ 3000 kW), they may be allowed, for the purpose of evaluation only, to [B]present a written recommendation on company letterhead after six months sea service in a licensed capacity and be granted this endorsement without further examination.”[/B]

This option has limited utility. Only one academy (Texas) has the “industry-specific” training, and only one OSV company has approved training.