Engineers license

If an chief engineer holds a license that reads

  • not valid on vessels 3000 kw/4000 HP or more
  • not valid on vessels 500 gross registered tons or more (domestic)

Could he serve on a an OSV, 1153 gross tons, and 3150 HP?

I think i know the answer but i want to double check myself

I’m not an OSV guy, but unless there is some special OSV only loophole, Hell No.

Anyone holding a dde license can get issued to them chief osv with no further testing. There were allowances for getting assistant engineer osv unlimited hp as well, which would help with someone stuck with limited hp. I think that changes after march 2019.
Chief and assistant osv no longer have tonnage limitations.
From what you have described, unless I am mistaken, sounds like you may hold chief engineer limited near coastal. If that’s the case you could get chief limited oceans 1600 grt with just asking for it because the near coastal license has been removed.
The only other caveat to your particular question would be is there a tonnage limitation on the int’l side of the license. I mention this because of the GT you used…which makes me ask does the OSV have dual tonnage?


The only information I have is what I put in the original post

Then I guess simply put the answer is no.
Now to remedy it see my long-winded and convoluted post above .

DDEs cannot serve on ANY vessel over 500 GRT, including OSVs. Even if this is not a DDE license, it says it’s limited to 500 GRT. So it’s not vaild on a vessel over that, regardless of what type of vessel it is. Note that oin the recent past, the NMC was noting “GRT” as gross tons (domestic)" on MMC endorsements.

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That sounds like a DDE license not a Chief Engineer license. Do you know what actual license it is or do you only know the restrictions?