Getting DEE 1000

Hello all. I am in the process of getting approved to test for a DDE 1000. Along with this I have been told I can get an endorsement of chief engineer offshore supply vessels up to 3,000 ITC, but that will be limited to the 1000 HP. I intend to upgrade to a 4000 when I have reached the sea time requirement. My questions to any and all are: Are there any companies that hire DDE 1000? I have mainly been on tugs and OSVS and most don’t have vessels with that low of a HP rating. Also, where are there any 3,000 ITC vessels with only 1000 HP? Like I said in a never ending quest to become more marketable in the industry I intend to get a 4000 when I qualify but am curious if the DDE 1000 can open some doors. If this question has been asked already I apologize. Thanks for any insight or advice!

Most tugs are not required to even carry an Engineer so I is usually the companies that require a license. All that you can do is apply and see what happens. When you have the time to upgrade to DDE Unlimited HP you should also get “Any Unlicesned Rating in the ER” on your MMD.

You might find work as a QMED. I haven’t seen a DDE 1000 in a long time. Maybe at one of the smaller boat companies?

I am currently working as a QMED so I’ll probably just get the license and upgrade as soon as I have the time.

I know exactly what your doing, I went down this road 1.5 years ago. Knowing now how it all works, I would have just waited and sat for 4k or unlimited when I had the time, instead of the 1k to 4k upgrade, only to go sit again. I know bouchard hires guys with a 1k, maybe dann ocean, and some of the osv companies, but they all really want a 4k or bigger, so the question is do you want to upgrade every year ? Oh, also make sure when you go in to test, actually study, know the material, its actually a pretty easy test, but there are guys I know, actual “chief” engineers, who cant pass it after 7 trys. Dont be one of those guys.

I was under the impression that it’s the same test for 1000 or 4000…am I right? So when I would upgrade to a 4000 I would just be submitting additional time? I understand I could save some fees for upgrading if I wait but I figured I should get the 1000 in case an opportunity arises before I get the time.

Same test, 3 parts. General, safety, & motors. The options are limited for a 1k, thats why I believe I should have waited, because by the time you submit, test, and then get your handful of stickers, your only 6-8 months away from being able to upgrade, then from 4k to unlimited, you follow the logic. The motors and safety should come easy, the general is so broad you cant just guess at it. It