DDE-4000 What is it Good For?


I am about half-way with my sea-time to be able to sit for the exams for DDE-4000.

Just some general questions:

Just how hard are the exams (in comparison to say the QMED-Oiler exams)?

And once I get the license, on what types of vessels is it good for? And more important, which vessels employ DDE-4000 engineers? I assume tugboats, OSV’s and possibly push/towboats.


From what I’ve seen in job announcements, that seems to be the minimum that most tug and barge outfits want you to have. It’s the company requirement, not the USCG’s.

By regs, a DDE is good on anything 500 tons or less. Since most boats that size aren’t required to carry Engineers most people I’ve met stick with the 4000 to avoid the electrical test that comes in with DDE Any HP.

I’ve heard through the grapevine that with a DDE 4000 you can pick up a gig pretty easy through 333 in NY but I don’t know that for sure.