Assistant Engineer (Limited) license

Hi there;
If anyone has info, please comment on my case:
I have DDE4000 license, got it two years ago. To receive this license I had to take a bunch of tests:
General Engineering, Motor Plant, and Engineering Safety.
Recently I applied for Assistant Engineer (Limited) license. Got letter from NMC today telling me to take General Engineering, Motor Plant, and Engineering Safety plus Electric/Electronics.
My question is: are those tests the same tests I had to take for my DDE? Or are they different tests with the same titles?.

DDE unlimited and assistant engineer limited are the same test. In other words ‘two for one.’ I would definately tack that on to your app if you still can. If you apply for both, it will be only one test consisting of 4 modules.

DDE 4000 are three- 50 question modules, dde unlimited/assistant limited are four- 70 question modules.

You will see some of the same questions most likely…and see some you haven’t. As you said there is one specific module regarding electrical which with the DDE 4000 exam there are just a few mixed in with general.

Similar content, but it doesn’t matter if you took them before The only time you don’t need to test is if the license you have and the one you are going for are listed in 46 CFR 11.903(c) as not needing to test. As acto y notes, if you apply for more than one license and test at the same time, you may not need to take every module, see page A12-3 of Volume III of the Marine Safety Manual.

Thank you Ctony,
I really appreciate your help. One more question: when I took “General Subjects” test for my DDE, it was just one module. Now NMC requires me to take “General Subjects I (Q511)” and “General Subjects II Q512”. Did they split the test in two? Or did they add more topics?

Thank you, man;
that really explains.

Those two modules will cover all of the general subjects that can possibly be thrown at you, but each should have more emphasis and focus on certain subjects. For example, one may have a focus on refrigeration/HVAC and the other hydraulics and administration, etc.

According to the deck and engine exam guide, those two general modules are for 1st assistant. Not sure if there has been an updated deck and engine exam guide since I last tested (it’s been a couple years.) Also, I upgraded to DDE unlimited/assistant limited over five years ago, so maybe something has changed…and I’ve had another two upgrades since.

You are approved to test for assistant engineer limited, correct? How many modules in total are on your approval letter?

Yes, Assistant Engineer limited
Altogether five modules:
General I
General II
Engineering safety
I am not a spring chicken ))) not gona be easy to re-learn everything.

Just in case this topic will be addressed again by somebody else:
Got another letter from NMC, apparently they made mistake, only one General subjects module is needed. Also, all modules should be in 600 series (not 500 like they told me first time).

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