REC appointments

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I was trying to figure out how to go about setting up an appointment with my REC and thought I’d post the URL that I tracked down:

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I had an appointment on June 1st at the Miami REC. While the lady at the counter was “working” on my file a Captain came in to submit his app to add VSO to his ST CW Cert. The gentleman was told that since he did NOT have an appointment, they would only be able to “put his app in a envelope and mail it to NMC for him”. With an appointment, she looked over all the information and said I was good to go and packaged it all up to send to NMC. I would recommend anyone going to the REC to have an appointment set up. This will make the REC “experience” a lot better.

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I think having an appointment is good, but if the REC has a mariner in the office someone should wait on that mariner, appointment or not. I recently went to the REC in New Orleans and I did not have an appointment. I was the first person there on a Friday and they took care of my package for Chief Mate. I was there less than 15 minutes.

I personally thought she treated that guy bad. I was the ONLY customer in the office at that time. She could have taken care of him and looked at his paperwork instead of just “boxing” it up to send off. 2 other guys came in shortly after who had appointments at 12:30 (Mine was 9:00 am).

I tried to make an appointment but the date I could go was greyed out. I would have been seriously upset because it is 4 hours one way to get there. Believe it or not I have had more positive experiences with REC’s than negative. The negative ones seems to stand out more.

Appointments are a great new thing, but my favorite is the fact that transactions can be done through the mail now. No more going in for renewals, upgrades, etc. That’s the only thing I like about having a TWIC.