Charleston REC & NMC Rock a License Renewal in 4 Days!

After reading many of the NMC horror stories on GCaptain, I’m delighted to report smooth sailing and a four day license renewal with Charleston REC and NMC.

My boat is down for engine repair so I jump into a cab for a unscheduled trip to the Charleston REC to submit a clean license renewal. I have all my paperwork ready to go and no medical issues (57 year old fat bastard but no big problems).

1400… I hit the front gate at USCG Charleston. No admittance without appointment say’s the nice young Coast Guard kid standing gate sentry. “Here’s a paper with info you can use info for making an appointment.”

It sends you to the national web site or the national 800 phone number. Good luck! But there is a local number on the info sheet that sends you into automatic telephone message purgatory. I start calling and fighting the telephone automatic system. “press 1 for…” I press every number on my sorry cell phone until… a real person answers.

They really don’t want to see me, appointments preferred, especially when your shadow crossing the REC threshold late in the afternoon. Not because they don’t love you, but recent cutbacks at the Charleston and other REC’s have left skeleton staff’s to perform miracles. They are jammed up with mailed in stuff and testing and staff shortage and…

But did I mention it is Tuesday, December 1st and Christmas miracles are in the air.

Steve, a Charleston REC professional, is fanatstic, well maybe a little grumpy and definetly overworked, but, fantastic. He process’s my paperwork, and I’m on my way, back to the boat before rushour traffic.

And now for the NMC Emails, I love the updates.

December 3, Thursday, email from NMC: Your application has cleared the safety and suitability vetting and medical screening/evaluation processes and is currently awaiting a professional qualification evaluation.

December 4, Friday, 3 emails from NMC:
(1)Your application is being evaluated for professional qualifications.

(2)Your application has completed the evaluation process and is approved for issuance.

(3) Your credential has been issued and mailed via 1st class USPS.

A four day license renewal with Charleston REC and NMC. Wow! Sometimes Christmas wishes do come true. To the guys and gals working at the REC’s Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Ebb Tide

Charleston REC is a good bunch of people, it was nice when they handled evals, testing, issuing licenses.