Appointments at the REC

I came across this on, has anyone done followed this “procedure” yet?


Greetings Industry Members,
As part of the ongoing [U]merchant marine licensing centralization project[/U], beginning today March 3rd, 2009, all RECs are now set up for on-line appointments. Mariners desiring an appointment at an REC may do so by first going to the below listed link, then clicking on the appropriate state where the REC of your choice happens to be located. So, for example, to make an appointment at REC Toledo, first go to the below link, then go to Ohio State and click on there, this then maps you to that particular REC’s web page, which then contains a link for appointments.
As stated on the web page, mariners are highly encouraged to make an appointment prior to coming to the REC. Now that all RECs have much smaller staffs, mariners who chose to walk in without an appointment run the risk of being served on a “Space Available Basis” only. In other words, those who took the time to make an appointment will take priority over walk-ins.
Please help to get the word out by apssing on this information to all industry members

I just did it this morning - I’m going to Boston on Monday to get my PIC paperwork processed, and there were plenty of open appointments in the system. We’ll see if they have a record of it when I get there though - I’ll let you know.

I called REC NY for an appointment in February. The online version wasn’t up yet, but a phone call did it. I arrived early not knowing what traffic would be like and was in and out before my actual appointment time.

FWIW, I had the same experience with the TWIC centers. The TWIC center took me early just because I had an appointment and left the walk in until later. I’d say get an appointment just in case.