Post-Shutdown NYC REC Backlog

I submitted an application to the NYC REC for an increase in scope right around the time that the government shutdown ended. It has been nearly two weeks, and I have not received so much as the standard email indicating that they are processing my application. No application ID or anything. I’ve called to confirm that the application did make it into the right inbox, which was confirmed, but no progress beyond that. I was planning to use the fact that I am available to take the celestial upgrade exam at the NYC REC, but this delay is starting to interfere with that plan.

Any other data points out there from people who have submitted applications to the NYC REC and have or have not made progress in the last couple of weeks or during the shutdown?

What about other RECs? Wondering if I should apply to a different location if there is a less of a backlog.

Thanks for any insight.

I submitted mine to Baltimore around the same time and I also hadn’t had any response. I called the NMC and they got a hold of the Baltimore REC and we’re able to confirm they had received it and they just haven’t had a chance to get to it yet. Maybe try the same.

Thanks Shady. I just got the email that they have officially begun processing my application today.

Try the Guam office. I bet its not busy.

I bet that Anchorage, Seattle, Saint Louis and Toledo would not be too busy either.

I live close to the LB rec but rarely use them. Just sent my renewal application this last monday to portland and it was forwarded to the nmc the same day.
I have had great service with both the portland and memphis recs in the past.

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The REC I dealt with last scanned everything while I was there and hit send. It was the check I used to pay for my renewal that caused the delay. After picking it up from the REC the Post Office lost it for nearly a month. I ended up using (which I should have used in the first place) to get the process moving again. Somewhere along the line the Post Office found the payment envelope and forwarded it but by that time I had received my new MMC. The USCG mailed the check back to me.

Thanks for all the suggestions. My application has been approved and sent to the NMC, so hopefully I will be approved for testing shortly.

Memphis is awesome, and the head guy there, Dave Calvert, has been there since the days that RECs actually did more than just the exams. He knows the ins and outs of the evaluation process and can be a huge help with clearing up confusion in your application before it gets sent off to NMC and they have a chance to make a mess of things.

I see the suggestions on here about sending an application into an REC that’s more remote, and therefor less busy, and it makes sense. What seems to make less sense is that the overloaded REC’s wouldn’t share their application load with less busy REC’s. Is there any reason for REC-NY not to send some applications off to REC-Anchorage if that REC has the spare time for it when NY doesn’t?

Because it’s a government agency and that would make too much sense to do that.

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FYI, I submitted a Medical and License renewal to Miami REC on 2/11/19. I was told via chat it may be up to 5 weeks to receive any notification. On 2/20/19, I received notification the Apps were received (9 days)

Good luck,

As soon as NMC reopened I promptly got a flurry of emails indicating that my Medical Card application was received, being evaluated, approved, and mailed. The card arrived within a few days.

I have heard of that done before. More remote locations in AK with small staff count forwarding applications to Anchorage and even Seattle if I remember correctly.

REC Seattle does that. I submitted my last RIG a couple of years ago. A few days later I got an email saying that they were too busy and had forwarded it to the Oakland REC.

REC Baltimore is still backlogged. I phoned to ask about an application I sent there last week (without receiving even the automated response). After I spoke to them, I received a e-mail from REC Juneau saying they had received my application. Then they passed it on to NMC the same day.

And this brings up an interesting point. When you send any REC your application, they are supposed to start the clock on their system and send you an automated e-mail. First e-mail is when they acknowledge receipt. And then there is a follow-up email when they pass it on to NMC.

It seems that they are able to game the system by not acknowledging receipt until they are ready to pass it on. I’m sure this keeps the metrics that the REC performance is rated on high, but it completely screws any oversight of the system, and doesn’t allow anyone to know there is a backlog.

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Submitted a renewal via email to Boston REC on the 20th. Got both the “We’ve recieved” and the “It’s been forwarded to the NMC” today the 25th.

Yep, it is great to know that all the RECs are good at playing that game. I’m sure they get graded on the time between receipt of applications and resolution (sending on to NMC or rejection). They probably have a 2-day goal, or something like that set by NMC. But it should be based on when the application was received in their inbox. Instead, it seems they only mark it as “received” if they know they will be forwarding it on to NMC the same day.

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I sent my renewal application to Portland REC feb 11. My mmd was printed and issued feb 14, arrived in the mail feb 20. Quickest turn around ever!
Ironically, i sent my medical renewal the same day and it took over a week for me to get confirmation that its been received, and I am still awaiting issuance on that one being it is still pending review.

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The application that I sent to REC NY was actually first acknowledged by “REC Martinsburg”, which I didn’t realize was an option.

Application Emailed to REC NY 1/29
Acknowledged by REC Martinsburg 2/13
Approved to Test 2/22

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