Best Time to Test at REC?

I need to sit through all 6 modules at Baltimore REC for my QMED. Any thoughts or experiences on a best time to go? What takes longer, the actual test, or all the pre-test briefings, forms, etc??? I’m one of those, see the question, see the answer choices, I eithe rknow it, or not. No sitting there agonizing over it.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Pretty much whenever they’re open…

Monday at O bright thrity!

Think about the order you want to take them in and be sure to tell that to the RECs when you schedule the appointment. They should ask, but may not. If they do not ask, the defaiult is the REC’s choice.

Go when you’re ready. Some RECs will let you break the test cycle through the weekend allowing you to have a few days of study during testing. REC Mandeville is even allowing that for CM/Master exam. I found that hard to believe, but it was true.