REC Reference Materials


Just checking for clarification. All of the materials listed in the link below are available for Deck Examinations for all of the modules except for Rules of the Road? Thanks in advance.


Reprints of 46 CFR Portable Fire Extinguishers Pre-2016 Vessel Regulations is available for deck examinations like Deck General and Deck Safety?

They have a new calculator they only allow in the exam room now and they only have the 2019 Bowditch which is a very different experience than using the old one. Recommend picking both up to familiarize beforehand.

That was rescinded.


I realize your question is what is available in the exam room. However, it is worth noting that 46 USC is no longer available. The questions are still being used.

2019 Bowditch ??? No more 1983 Volume II? Really?

If the entire new single volume is available that might help answer a lot of questions on various topics

The updated 2019 version is two volumes.

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Thanks. Get this… I just called the NMC because I had a couple of questions. Since I had them on the phone, I figured I would verify the exam room reference materials. The guy referred me the the NMC website to confirm the exam room reference materials but he told me any reference materials that I would like to use for the exam, I would have to provide them myself and bring them with me on the day of the exam. What is he talking about???

It sounds like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.