Percentage of Deck General Questions Obtainable from the Provided REC Reference Materials?

Hey Guys,

Does anyone know what percentage of the Deck General exam questions answers are obtainable from the provided REC reference materials?



Don’t know the percentage, but last year took the C/M test and printed out like 50 questions.

Did you mean you were able to look up 50 of the questions when you took the exam?

The NMC web site has a sample exam for every exam they administer. So you will be able to see the number of questions from their data base that is in an actual exam

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Trying to remember and I think it was mostly for Deck gen 2 that you can look up. Also significant number of questions for Deck Safety on the CFR’s. But on the NMC site their is a data base, it doesn’t go far back but it helps. I took the LAP course in MITAGS, they have a pile of questions from previous years data base. Remember spending like a week looking in the CFR’s for more than 12 hours everyday. So DG-1 and RR is what you can remember, again each test is different. They threw a stability problem in DS. LAPWARE helps extremely…

That is true.

Best bet is to tail the sample exams, the specific types of questions that are focused on per those sample exams and just dial in on those categories. I recently tested using that method and barely had to consult a reference material or CFR other than looking up definitions in bowditch of which the REC I went to only offered the 2019 Bowditch and not the older version.

Thanks for the suggestions Wharf Rat!