Raise in Grade: No requirement March 2019?

Hoping someone can point me in the direction of the answer so I can find it myself, or maybe directly answer:

From Checklist STCW II/1 OICNW 500 gt or more.

General Requirements. Third bullet point.

‘ROG, New endorsement or modification - be requirements until March 2019 as it is considered embedded in MMC, if combining with a renewal transaction follow requirements for renewal above’

What does this mean? What is ‘considered embedded’ ?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Benjammin,

This requirement is referring to the Medical Certificate. What the USCG is saying is if you are applying for this OICNW endorsement as a raise in grade, or as a new endorsement then you don’t need to submit an new physical because it’s already part of your mmc…unless you’re renewing your mmc then you have to submit an new physical.

As an example, If you’re applying for this now and your medical certificate doesn’t expire until 2020, you don’t need to submit a physical with your application.

Hope this helps

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Thank you thank you!!

That makes complete sense!!

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The medical certificate was created in the 2013 rule changes, which became effective in March, 2014. Under the old regulations, the MMC alone was proof of having met medical standards, so your proof of medical fitness was “embedded” in the MMC. Since March, 2014, the medical certificate has been the proof of medical fitness. Since MMCs are good for 5 years, an MMC that expires before March 2019 was issued without a medical certificate.


Thanks you!! I appreciate the thoughtful and informative reply! Absolutely clears things up for me!

Best regards!