Q on Order of Operations for Med Renewal + Raise of Grade


Question is does anyone know if I need to renew my STCW Medical Certificate (recently expired) before applying for a Raise of Grade or can I successfully submit my RoG app and Med renewal simultaneously? I don’t necessarily need the RoG, but having the option to sail 2A/E probably won’t hurt.


They are separate. You can renew one without the other. Recognizing that under COVID it may be difficult to get an appointment for a non-critical medical reason, the Coast Guard has allowed the MMC to be renewed with an expired medical certificate.

You can renew both at the same time. If you do so, your application must go to an REC. If you do medical only, it can go directly to NMC. You can s=also send the med cert application directly to NMC, and the MMC application to an REC. If you do both together at an REC, and have no medical issues, you will likely get your new medical certificate before the MMC. If you apply separately, the medical certificate will avoid any delays in the REC forwarding your package. There are instructions for sending medical certificate applications directly to the NMC in #7, here.

See above, at present, you do not.

Well how about that.

Great info thanks! That gives me the opportunity to time which gets processed first, then.

Thanks again!